Apart from faeces and blood tests through medical laboritories other kinds of analysis are carried out in this practice. Dark Field Microscopy based on Prof. Dr. GÃŒnter Enderlein observes a tiny drop of blood on a texture and the contained microbes (microorganism). On a screen you can see what is happening and this will be explained to you.

>Blood Gas Analysis reports the state of the acid-base balance. Why is that important?

If the acids that form in your body and which are taken into your body are not balanced through breathing, urinating, nutrition and more they gather in the connective tissue. These then become a kind of dustbin for toxic waste that in turn disturb the metabolism processes. Connective tissue surrounds the whole body and its organs. That explains why excessive retention of acids is brought into connection with such extensive consequences as:

  • Tiredness, Exhaustion, Lack of Energy
  • Osteoporosis, Muscle and Joint Pains
  • Poor Concentration, Falling Resilience, Sensitivity to Stress, Nerves
  • Tumours
  • Skin and Intestine Diseases, Inflammation Tendencies
  • Migraine und Tension Headaches
  • Hearing Loss and Ear Noise
  • Lowered Resistance, Disturbances to the Immune System

Within a few minutes you will receive the concentrations of oxygen, carbon dioxide and haemoglobin in your blood, their acid values, the availablity of acid buffers and more, with an interpretation.