Cooperation and Satisfaction …

… are the most unerring paths in the direction of your health. Here lies the difference between a robot and your living organism. Therefore, it is reasonable to ask for your assistance.

  • In order to be self-active: Look or feel inside yourself – now, where everything is in order, you thank yourself and you no longer need me – how are you, und what are you now able to do? How do you perceive us arriving at this point together?
  • Sum up please, everything that you have already done, that was helpful and that which was harmful.
  • Begin to write down everything for a week, that you drink and eat each day, including every little snack. Please also note your medication and dietary supplements.
  • Please allow, that as a result of a treatment, an initial reaction can develop for a short time. This is because when something is released, it must be carried off afterwards and sometimes this is noticeable. Please contact me again in this case, in order for us to attune and to assist the body in its work.