Support Mobility
with Osteopathy and Feldenkrais

Osteopathy (Andrew Taylor Still: originally Bone Pain)
and Feldenkrais (Moshe Feldenkrais: functional Integration of Movements)
treatment of the whole body with bones, tendons and muscles;
Lymph-, Blood- and nerve tracts; inner organs; as well the coordination of smooth movement.
Loosening + adjusting + mobilisation + integration of movements.

What does it mean for you
if your body is treated from head to foot?

Firstly, a treatment takes place in the real sense and there is no medication intake. And secondly, problems will not only be treated where there is pain but also in other places which have been ascertained to be the cause.

May be applied

  • to pains in the spinal column and all kinds of joints
  • to balance body posture
  • to extend mobility and boost blood flow
  • to activate the inner organs
  • for headaches and migraine
  • to reduce stress symptoms
  • to relearn body automatism