Consolidating self-regulation through cleansing and strenthening


The Colon-Hydro-Therapy clears out retained garbage from the large intestine. Accompanying visceral osteopathy (the conscious treatment of stomach and body) activates the intestine and other organs. Many people also use it together with a Liver and Gall Bladder cleanse based on Andreas Moritz. It is believed that we have more nerve cells in the stomach than in the brain!

  Further themes are heavy metals, body accidity and intestinal flora, the latter also following an antiobiotic therapy.

Strengthening with invasive procedures

Different autologous blood procedures are desigend to improve oxygen supply. By supplying oxygen to the veins additional medical oxygen is fed to the blood. It is also known for reducing inflammations.

trengthening with external procedures

Additional oxygen can also be given to blood in the form of oxygen multi-step therapy (breathing and nutrients). Biological Cell Regulation is a procedure from leading competitive sports for pain treatment. Vibrating Magnetic Field Therapy  is introduced to activate cells and tissue. PSO (New Pain and Organ Therapy based on Rudolf Steiner) is imaginable as Acupuncture but works without needles.