Build up your wonderful emotional strenghth
with clinical hypnosis
and spiritual healing

>Modern clinical hypnosis based on Milton Erickson uses as its featue the reflecting of inner experiences. Our reasoning and perception from the subconscious often do not work together. In general reasoning wins over that which is anchored deep in the heart. Through this we are not one with ourselves and lose strength.

Spiritual Healing based on Horst Krohne views us people as a triad of body, soul and mind, in which as mind not the intelecctual mind is meant but the spiritual mind. The goal of using healing hands is to harmonise the electro magnetic energy system of the aura, meridians and chakras.

Both may be applied

  • to allergies
  • to normalise weight both downwards and upwards
  • to release fears and blockages
  • to wean off addictive behaviour
  • and much more

At Home

Exhilarating breathing allows you through a regular, simple exercise to deepen pleasantly. Those who meditate or who do yoga know how abundant the effects of deep breathing can be.