Your First Visit


  • Osteopathy, Dorn-Treatment, Breuss-Massage
  • Body Treatment based on Moshe Feldenkrais


  • Colon-Hydro Therapy, Bowell Cleanse
  • Detoxification, Heavy Metals, Acids and Bases
  • Oxygen Supply: Oxyvenation, Oxygen Multi-Step Therapy, Autologous Blood Treatment
  • BCR: Biological-Cell Regulation
  • NPSO: New Biological Pain and Organ Therapy based on Rudolf Siener
  • Magnetic Field Therapy

Emotional Strength

  • Modern Clinical Hynosis based on Milton Erickson
  • Spiritual Healing based on Horst Krohne

Special Examinations

  • Kinesology (Analytical Muscle Tests)
  • Dark Field Analysis (Blood Analysis)
  • Blood Gas Analysis (Blood Analysis)